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About me: to look is one thing to see what u look at is another to understand what u see is third to learn from what u understand is still something else but to act on what u learn is all that really matters...
From: Malaysia
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PaULiNa photos
Latest entry:Many moods of Alif Mikael
hua3..kpd najwa & makteh, sila la edit gambr2 ni bg ok skit...sila sila sila 8-) View this Fotopage entry
Amrufm EF
Latest entry:The story of "Move on...move on"
Hi guys, dear silent readers of this humble fotopages. As you all know, I've already move on to wordpress ---> . All my daily activities & shootings were updated there (in English). And as I check the daily statistics for this fotopages, I noticed the numbers are still quite strong (hundreds of visitors everyday). Please give your support to the new blog. Bookmark today! View this Fotopage entry
Perkahwinan Tengku Nurul, Cucunda SUltan Pahang
Asrul Sobry
Latest entry:Bukak Puasa and Farewell
Went to Kapitan Bayan Baru (Near Queenbay). HH Wong farewell. View this Fotopage entry
zianhairani yunus
Latest entry:fitness day..
kena jd instructor senamrobik ler pulokkk!!..hehehe :-O View this Fotopage entry
Saiful Nang My Private Photoblog
Latest entry:ENTRY TERAKHIR Dah lama merancang tapi hari ni nak kena kuatkan juga semangat untuk say good-bye juga kepada fotopage. Dah 3 tahun lebih jatuh bangun kerjaya dan kehidupan saya diceritakan didalam fotopage ini. Tapi sekarang, masanya untuk berpindah. Kepada semua follower fotopage, please please please jangan lari. Sila lawati the new page. Mudah untuk anda dan mudah untuk saya. Dan lebih control untuk macam2 perkara. Terima kasih atas support semua. Dengan ini, saya ishtiharkan...inilah... View this Fotopage entry
bugbites and co
Latest entry:Le Tour De Langkawi 09 - criterium @ KLCC
more pictures HERE. ) as you peps (may / might not know) im shifting to flickr to almost permanent. but its hard to say goodbye to FP :-D . Life is hectic again as a student, so shooting is consider a third degree things to do besides studies and getting enough sleep! but do visit me at my flickrs site for latest update ( jika adalah) have a great 2009 dearest shutterBUGs. View this Fotopage entry
Balkhis Rosli
Latest entry:My dearest son - Ridhwan Bukhari
View this Fotopage entry
KNizam Omar
Latest entry:Jalan-Jalan kat Pangkor Island - View of My Room!
hehehehehe saya telah sempat bercuti ke pulau pangkor 1 malam sahaja. itupun setelah penat manganjurkan kejohanan hoki tertutup mckk di staidum hoki astriturf majlis perbandaran manjung di manjung View this Fotopage entry
ocean view room yang cun giler!
Nik Johari Nik Mat
Latest entry:Tag....Tag....Tag Heuer uhuhhu
9 - 11 March 2007 -Convocation -MBA (2 tahun part time - pjj) -UUM Sintok Panasnyer utara ...huuhuh...cuti sehari...9th Mar Jumaat tuh ... Khamis malam lepas kerja bertolak ker Pudu...naik Star Sampai Kangar kul 7 ..makan nasi ganja kat stesyen bas ...mamat yang jual nasi tuh muka maintain jer..sejak aku form 2/3 lagi selalu makan nasi ganja kat sinih ..time tuh dia remaja lagi skang ni dah dewasa ... byk cawangan nasi ganja dia...kat sini org panggil nasi ganja...tak sure la sama jenis ... View this Fotopage entry
jenet kabeb
View this Fotopage latest entry
miss comot and her pon pon
Latest entry:the day when i get a year older ...
happy birthday to you ... you are born in the zoo ... tido dalam kelambu .. minum susu lembu ... kua .. kua .. kua ... LOL View this Fotopage entry
Azalia Dzahir
Latest entry:Cute Lil' Ching Wen
This is my lil niece.. Name : Rachel Ting Ching Wen Age : 3++ years.. DOB : 23rd September 2002 After whole day playing with me.. finally she's sleeping.... phew... aiyaa..hen lei aa.. (so tired).. I guess I need to learn mandarin language by now.. can u believe that she's been talking mandarin language with me and I knew just a bit bout mandarin.. just "ni hao ma.. wa pu hao.. wa hen hao.. ni chi na li.. wa bu yao ni.. " heee..that's all.. so tired to think of.. :) View this Fotopage entry
juri ismail
Latest entry:gayat's wedding pictures.
on friday 27th august, me and june went to one of our best friend's wedding at dewan perdana felda. here are some pictures of syed edlee harith aka gayat and his new wife, aishah on their wedding night. may they have a lovely adventure together a couple and may it last forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever... # sorry for the quality of the pictures. too difficult to pass thru the vip table and get close to the stage. bad haaa.. orait. i'm out. View this Fotopage entry
selamat pengantin baru!!!
Mohd Masri Saranum
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